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How to Have an Unforgettable Banana Boat Ride Experience in Dubai Marina


Dubai is an attractive holiday spot for families and friends. This is because it offers the best shopping destinations, an exhilarating nightlife, and many tourist spots like the best beaches and marvellous and modern buildings. Together with spectacular architecture, Dubai is a favourite destination for those who like the outdoors and water adventure activities. 

In addition to the tranquil beauty offered by the seas, Dubai is now becoming popular for its watersports activities. The banana boat ride is one such ride that lends the best watersport not to forget the most thrilling experiences to its riders. You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the banana boat ride in Dubai when you read this blog post.

You can book a banana boat ride with any of the Dubai Marina watersports providers. Both online and in-person booking are possible. It is among the most sought-after and thrilling watersports in the Dubai Marina area. 

Other watersports activities that are popular among tourists in the Dubai Marina area are water skiing, jet skiing, speed boat riding, donut rides, and fly-boarding. Reliable watersports providers in Dubai Marina like D3 Watersports provide the best possible adventure and fun experiences to tourists. A Banana ride in Dubai is undoubtedly a unique experience for the entire family. 

Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

The banana boat ride in Dubai is a perfectly safe and enjoyable ride for tourist groups comprising friends or families with children in tow. What to expect out of a banana boat ride? The members sit atop and ride on an inflated boat shaped like a banana in this adventure watersports in Dubai. This boat is connected to another speedboat, which pulls it on the surface of the water at high speeds. The ride gives you an adrenaline rush as the water splashes and the wind hits you on your face. The experience is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike even at gentler speeds. More excitement comes when the boat moves to slightly deeper waters than just remaining on the surface.  

How to prepare

  • All the instructions of the guide, the captain, and the watersports company representatives have to be followed. 

  • Do not wear a hat or goggles (you can wear strapped goggles), you will lose them to the winds.

  • Wear sunscreen if the sun is too hot. Choose one that does not harm the flora and fauna of the water.

  • Wear light and comfortable clothes (heed the cultural rules of the country you are in). Anti-UV tee shirt or top is recommended.

  • Carry a first aid kit.

  • Children below 8 years of age are barred from the rides. Children between the age of 8 and 18 are allowed only in the company of an adult.

  • The best time of the day to go for a banana boat ride would be in the mornings and early evenings when the sun is low. 


Whereas some boats can accommodate up to ten people on a single ride, some other watersports providers in the Dubai Marina area have boats with a capacity of 5 people that can take part in the ride. Also, some providers insist on a minimum of 4 riders for a banana boat ride. The ride guarantees fun for the entire group. There is no prerequisite that the participants of a banana boat ride in Dubai should know how to swim. It is a safe sport. However, wearing a life jacket is a must for every participant while taking part in this family watersports in Dubai.

A banana boat ride is exciting for the participants even at gentler speeds. Moreover, the most reliable watersports providers like D3 Watersports in the Dubai Marina provide professional trainers who will guide you at every step of your trip and ensure that all the safety measures are adhered to along the journey. There will also be a captain of the boat who is also well-trained to confirm the safest journey for all the members taking part in the banana boat ride.

Scenic Ride

In addition to all of these, our banana boat rides take place in a clean environment off the coast of Dubai. The boat ride takes you to spots such as Bluewater, Ain Dubai, JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, etc., giving you the chance to click the best photographs and shoot the best videos.


Banana boat rides in Dubai not only offer fun and adventure for the family but also some benefits for the individuals taking part in the ride. 

Muscle flexing and strengthening

Your core muscle acts when you are stabilising your position on the boat during the ride. Also, your abdominal muscles are flexed to their maximum when you try to maintain your balance when the banana boat rides over the waves. 

Entertaining ride for the full family

You will never be during watersports activities in Dubai, not to mention this fun water activity. Holding on to the banana boat when it rides the waves provides immense fun when you are in a group or with your family. You cannot ask for a more memorable way to spend your holiday. 

Burn a few calories

With most of us leading sedentary lives, we require regular activity to keep our bodies fit and maintain a healthy weight. You can burn a few calories when you ride the bumpy waves when on a banana boat ride in Dubai. This is among those water activities in Dubai that require some effort from you during the ride. With a regular banana ride in Dubai, you may be able to bid goodbye to pot bellies and your love handles that you have struggled so hard to get rid of. 

Strengthen your cardiovascular system

A banana ride in Dubai is a good way to excite your cardiovascular system. It helps to increase your blood circulation during the ride and speeds up your heart for some time. This helps you to safeguard the health of your heart to a moderate extent.

To make the best of the banana boat ride, ensure that you carry waterproof gadgets. Do not lose them to the water. Carry an emergency/first aid medicine kit. Make adequate arrangements to look after your children safely and responsibly when you are out in the water. Follow all the rules laid down by the guide strictly. 

About D3 Watersports

Banana boat rides can be outright enjoyable by picking high-quality watersports providers from Dubai Marina. At D3 Watersports, being renowned and reputed watersports providers, we provide our clients with quality watersports equipment, including banana boats, flyboards, jet skis, water skis, etc., and trained and licensed guides. You can easily book a banana boat ride and get more information by visiting our D3 watersports website at https://d3watersports.com/