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About D3 Watersports

D3 Watersports is one of the leading facilitators of water activities and water ride rentals in Dubai Marina. We are a team of certified professionals, instructors, and guides who help people have fun and enjoy the thrill of water sports. Whether you want to rent a jetski or hire an inflatable water pool, we have the best equipment and services to help you enjoy it all at affordable prices. We facilitate water adventures for you to enjoy the best of watersports in Dubai, the right and safe way in Dubai's favorite water sports destination.

What we do

We facilitate water adventures at the best prices in Dubai Marina. With our experienced and expert instructors, we make water rides adventurous, fun, and safe. We do not just rent water sports equipment; we facilitate the rides with safety measures and provide you with the right instructions so that you can learn to have fun without any worries.

We provide a detailed list of things to be prepared for and things you need to avoid when you are planning to take up an adventure water sport. If you are looking to rent jet skis or water boards, we have an expert team who can help you enjoy the ride with all the safety precautions in place. Our team helps visitors select rides that are right for them, book water rides in advance, and enjoy them to the fullest. We assist people to have fun in the water and we are there for them every step of the way

Who are we?

D3 Watersports is a water sports facilitator who helps thousands of people who visit Dubai have the greatest water adventure experience of their lifetime. We have years of experience working in the watersports industry and understand how to have fun without compromising on safety. We have a trained team of expert water sports facilitators who will provide the right instructions at every step to ensure your safety.

We believe in telling adventure stories in water and we help thousands of visitors in Dubai have fun and enjoy the thrills and excitement of various water activities.

Our Mission

D3 Watersports wants to provide best-in-class services and thrilling water activities at the best prices so that everyone can afford to have a taste of adventure. Our mission is to ensure that all the people taking part in water sports are able to enjoy them without worrying about their safety. We make sure that all the instructors are certified, well-trained, and experienced. We ensure that equipment used is safe and always check to ensure that it is in the best condition.

Water activities are fun, and it's our mission to make them safe, accessible, and available so that people can have a getaway from their daily lives and go on an amazing water adventure in Dubai.

To ensure the safety of our patrons, we choose the place and route where we conduct the water activities that are not only mesmerizing but also safe. We ensure that all of the participants get the best training before trying the water rides and enjoying them themselves.