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Banana boat ride

Are you visiting Dubai with your family or as a group? Want to have a great time doing a low-cost water activity? Then a banana boat ride is an activity for you. What makes it more than a boat ride is the fun and thrill of going as a group in the inflated banana-shaped boat. The banana boat will be pulled by a speed boat and you will be on an exhilarating ride with twists and turns, splashing water all over. A banana boat ride can provide the same thrill and experience as a jet ski. But unlike a jet ski, which can only take 2 people, you can have a group of people on a banana boat ride.

The simplicity and the number of people allowed make it an affordable and enjoyable water activity. Hold tight and enjoy the ride all along while a speed boat tows you across the shorelines of Dubai. The banana boat ride is a luxury water activity that you should not miss if you are visiting Dubai. This is one of the safest rides and water activities that you can enjoy, especially if you have children with you. Banana boats are pulled by a speed boat, and this will give you the fun and thrill of cutting through the water and splashing away while enjoying the view of Dubai's coastline. A luxury banana boat adventure in the crystal blue waters of Dubai is a must-do if you are in the UAE for a vacation. If you are in Dubai on a family vacation, a banana boat is your ideal water ride. Children will love it, and it is a safe, fun, and thrilling experience for them. Moreover, a banana boat is a water activity that you can enjoy as a group. This activity needs minimal preparation and no knowledge of swimming. Just hop on in a banana boat as a group of four to six and make sure to have fun as you speed through the water. There are many rental packages for you to choose from with D3 Watersports.

Why should I go for a Banana boat ride?

  • The banana boat ride is an incredibly fun water activity that you can enjoy as a group.
  • It is one of the safest water activities even for children making it an ideal choice for families.
  • The banana boat gives you the best views of the dazzling city of Dubai.
  • Professional guides and safety gear, along with extremely affordable pricing.

Banana boat rental packages

Are you ready to go have some fun while jet skiing? Then explore our Jet Skiing packages and try this adventurous water sport with D3 Watersports Jet Ski rental services. Jet ski prices vary with the packages that you choose and the duration. We have different jet ski rental packages based on your preferences

Banana boat rides are fun and interesting for groups, and if you want to have an extremely affordable and short banana boat ride, go for a 30-minute ride rental.

Want to do more and have more fun with a banana boat adventure? Hire a one-hour package and speed through the Dubai coastline while taking in the immense view of the city of gold.

Want to have more fun and thrills on the banana boat? Choose a 90-minute banana boat ride and have a fun journey across the Dubai coastline. Enjoy the thrill of waves and witness some beautiful city views together with family or friends.

Our 120 minute rental packages are for those who never get tired of going on an adventure in the water. Give your children the best view of Dubai and landmark locations while they enjoy an exciting banana boat activity.

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Things to know before you go jet skiing

  • Since Jetski is too adventurous kids should stay away from the sport.
  • It's not recommended for pregnant women and those who have had major surgeries or broken limbs.
  • Avoid eating heavily or consuming alcohol before jet skiing.
  • Your instructor will be with you throughout the ride to ensure safety.
  • Do not carry sharp objects, items of luggage, lighters, knives, or alcohol with you.
  • Carry along caps, swimwear, extra socks, sunglasses, and walking shoes with you.