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Best Place for a Group Donut Ride in Dubai and What to Expect


If you are planning adventure water activities in Dubai, then you should think of giving the donut ride a try. It is the perfect choice for an adventurous trip on the water with your family or friends. You can hop on to enjoy a thrilling time on the waves on a donut ride.

Group Donut ride – what to expect 

The donut ride provides just about the same thrill as a jet-ski ride. The donut ride is on a balloon which is donut-shaped and pulled on by a boat. This is one of the best sea & water activities in Dubai for groups consisting of 2 to 6 people. You can easily search for ‘water recreational activities in Dubai’ and donut riding would surely find a place on the search lists. 

Donut Ride has become popular only in recent years. The donut boat ride in Dubai Marina has members sitting on the donut-shaped balloon boat and pulled along by a speed boat. You are pulled along at high speeds and you are likely to feel rocked as you traverse the waters. 

The sensation that you feel during this ride is one of wobbling and shaking as the donut boat is pulled along at high speeds. Most of the boat occupants end up screaming and shouting during the donut ride as you move along swiftly. It is a lot of fun when you are with family or friends during this adventurous ride.  

If you have already experienced the banana boat ride before this in your water sports activities in Dubai, the sensations are slightly different in this ride. You should also make sure that you include a ride on a water jet ski in Dubai. It is very thrilling and one that you should not miss. 

Donut boat rides always happen on a large body of water. Most water sports organisers conduct water recreational activities in Dubai in such spots. 

A donut boat ride in Dubai can be enjoyed by any person more than 10 years of age. Unfortunately, infants and children below this age group cannot accompany you on this ride. If you have brought children along, ensure that you leave them under the care of someone you know on the shore when you enjoy a donut boat ride.  

It is a good idea to first understand what a donut boat ride is all about and how you and your family members can best handle the equipment so that all of you can enjoy the ride. Of course, there will be licensed and experienced guides present to help you during the ride. You are allowed to select the donut on which you want a ride. You and your group members should all wear the life vests that are provided for each one of the riders.

During the donut boat ride, the riders tether their tube with a powered watercraft such as a motorboat or a speedboat. The riders are then towed by the watercraft. The ride is slower when there are children present. Teenagers who seek more thrill can opt to be towed at higher speeds and even choose to be drawn along choppy waters. 

Just like water skiing in Dubai, a donut boat ride is a fun-filled water sports activity that visitors can enjoy during their family vacation in Dubai. It is similar to a banana boat, and has a brightly coloured donut shape. Much unlike a banana boat, it offers a better sense of security and you have little chance of falling into the waters.

The licensed guide who will accompany you on the donut boat ride in Dubai will provide you with some basic instructions on how to handle yourself during the ride and how to have some idea about its speed. The instructors will be with you all through the ride. 

Up to 4 people can sit on a donut boat for a ride. However, when seated, care should be taken to see that the same number of people is seated on either side of the boat to balance the vessel when on the waters. The ride is enjoyable for both young and old riders alike and the donut water ride is one of the most favourite water sports in Dubai marina during the summertime. Other sports such as water flyboard in Dubai and water ski boats in Dubai are also popular summertime water sports activities. 

Whenever you decide to take a group donut boat ride in Dubai, there are some key points that you have to keep in mind:

  • It is mandatory to carry your passport or the Emirates ID on your person

  • You should bring in your own towels and costumes

  • You should know to swim

  • The donut boat ride will take place only if there are a minimum of 2 persons for a ride

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