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Donut boat ride

Want to enjoy water sports in Dubai in all their splendor? Do you want to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves, jumping up and down? A donut ride is an inflated donut-shaped ride that is towed by a speedboat or watercraft through the sea. This is one of the amazing water activities that you should not miss out on in Dubai.

The Donut ride lets you enjoy the waves and splashing water as you go bumping and skipping on the water. It is a perfect water activity that combines adventure and fun together. When you are in Dubai, go on an amazing luxury ride across the Dubai shoreline filled with thrills on a donut rental with D3 Watersports to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Get the best donut ride rental services from D3 Watersports with experienced professionals who can give you a safe and fun ride as well as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get to know our rental packages and choose the one that is right for you.

Donut rental packages

At D3 Watersports, there are four donut rental packages that give you the ultimate donut ride experience with every package you take.

Want a taste of adventure when you are in the city of Dubai with a luxury water activity for two? Then, a 30-minute session of donut riding is one of the best choices you have

Take your donut for a ride along Dubai Marina for a one-hour exciting session for one of the best water activity experiences. Have the right dose of adventure with our 60-minute donut ride rental.

If you are someone who never gets tired of adventure, Then a 90-minute donut session may be just right for you. With fun and thrill, enjoy the Dubai coastline, jumping up and down all the way.

Why restrict the fun at all? Go full on with a two-hour donut ride session that takes you across the Dubai shoreline while you experience the fun, thrill, and joy of donut riding with D3 watersport donut rental services.

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Things to be kept in mind

  • All participants must pay attention to the instructions and guidelines.
  • A minimum number of participants is required for the donut ride.
  • It's better not to eat heavily just before and after the donut ride.
  • Do not carry sharp objects like knives with you
  • Avoid lighters and luggage bags.