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What to wear when doing watersports in Dubai


Are you a resident of Dubai? Are you there as a tourist? Do you like watersports?  Dubai watersports are popular among both tourists and adventurous residents alike. In this blog post, we are going to tell you what you can wear if you are going for a session of watersports in Dubai. Many people often wonder about the most appropriate attire when indulging in water activities in Dubai. So here goes.  


Proper clothing


Whether you are going to a river, lake, or beach in Dubai, you need to have the proper attire if you are going to use a jet ski or a flyboard or a surfboard during the weekends. For whichever adventure water activities in Dubai that you take part in, a basic rule is to wear warm and flexible clothing that will keep you comfortable and allow you to move freely. 


You have to ensure that you wear clothing that will protect you from the harsh sun during the summertime. When indulging in any outdoor activity including adventure watersports, your skin should be protected from sun damage. For example, you will be exposed to plenty of sunlight if you decide to go jet skiing in Dubai. 


However, the water and its cooling effects will reduce the heat of the sun more than when you are on land. It is also to be aware of the glare of the sun from its reflection on the waters. See that you do not experience sunstroke when the days are too hot. 


Wear a pair of good quality sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun when you are ready for adventure watersports in Dubai. Ensure that they are strapped so that you do not lose them to the sea or the strong wind. Also, use high-quality sunscreen when going out in the waters under a hot sun. You may also have to reapply the lotion in between.


Layer your clothing


If you are a newbie you may not want to invest in watersports wearables. In such a case, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is ideal when you are planning to get wet in the salty water. A rash vest is a good option as it does not get heavy when it gets wet. Also, it helps to block the sun. You can wear swimwear if that is what makes you comfortable. However, be aware of the culture and tradition of the place when you are planning to wear your swimsuit. 


Not a good idea to wear cotton


Cotton is not one of the best fabrics when you indulge in watersports activities in Dubai. Watersports wearables are a better option. It does not resist moisture and instead gets soaked. Choose to wear quick-drying materials for your watersports clothings. Also, keep in mind the point of whether to stay warm or cool when choosing your clothing material. 




When taking part in top watersports activities in Dubai ensure that you rent watersports equipment that has the highest safety rating. When going jet skiing, ensure that you wear tight-fitting and not flappy clothes that will get caught in any equipment with the high winds and the speed.


When manoeuvring a jet ski, remember that you need mobility to comfortably ride the ski on the waters at high speed. Thin wetsuits and dive skins are ideal for fast adventure watersports in Dubai


Life vests, shoes, and other waterproof equipment for watersports


You should equip yourself with the correct pair of water shoes for your next luxury watersports trip in Dubai. There are different types of shoes from which you can take your pick for the trip that includes exciting watersports in Dubai


You can pick up porous shoes that allow plenty of airflows or the closed-toe type that will keep your feet dry. You can choose what suits you best. 


Ensure that your watersports providers in Dubai give you a well-fitting life vest that is comfortable to wear. This ensures your safety while in the waters. Therefore make sure that you ask for a life vest in case they do not provide you with one. 


Also ensure that you are wearing waterproof smartwatches and fitness trackers. If you want to take pictures while in the water, carry waterproof cameras with you in person.  


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