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What are the 5 Misconceptions about Flyboarding


If you are planning to indulge in water sports in Dubai Marina, you would likely have the flyboard sport in mind. It is also true that you may be reluctant to try the sport because of the numerous misconceptions that are floating around. In this blog post, we try to dispel some myths about this sport so that you can indulge in the best water sports in Dubai.


#1: Flyboarding is meant for only the professionals


This is far from the truth. Though flyboarding appears much like a challenging sport, it is one of the most popular water sports in Dubai that is favoured by the newbies and the experienced ones alike. This sport does not require any mastery or professional training. This myth has spread among those who want to indulge in water adventures in Dubai, especially when they want to try flyboard water sports for the first time. This could be due to the relative scarcity of the physical hoverboard which requires a little bit of a knack to stay on it without slipping into the water. 


However, a hoverboard is not the same equipment as a flyboard. Flyboards are very safe to use and easier to master. If you are already experienced in surfboarding/snowboarding, then, it is very easy to manoeuvre a flyboard.


#2: Flyboarding may cause serious injury


There is no concrete data which suggests that flyboarding can be very dangerous. However, like any other sport, flyboarding also has its risks and it is true that people, on a few occasions, get bruised. Although the extreme outlook of the sport suggests that it can be dangerous, this sport is relatively safe when compared to many other land sports.


We ensure sufficient safety measures for water activities in Dubai so that our customers remain safe till they return from the water. Flyboarding in Dubai usually takes place in two-person teams (one person accompanies the flyer). The second person controls the throttle working to make sure no accidents occur during the fly board rental ride. In addition, it is mandatory to use all the required accessories prior to a flyboarding ride.

#3: Hiring a fly board is expensive


Though it is expensive to buy a fly board and own one, you can get the best flyboarding experience by hiring one. This is surely a less costly option and allows you to indulge in the luxury marine and water sports activities in Dubai Marina.  


However, what you have to take care of is that you have to search for book Dubai flyboard rentals that are well-reputed, licensed, and rent high-quality equipment. For this, it is important that you extensively check customer testimonials and online reviews to avoid any regrets later.

There are also many jet ski rentals in Dubai and you can enquire to get the best deal for yourself. Also, depending on the season of the year, it is possible to get substantial individual and group discounts by searching on the Internet and booking online. 

#4: You have to pay extra for guides and equipment


Once you have made the payment for water activity rides rentals in Dubai, this automatically gets you an instructor who is assigned to be responsible for your ride. They will control the flying board on water by handling the throttle and ensuring that you remain safe. You automatically are assigned a jet ski that carries the flyboard as well.


Nevertheless, many people think that you have to pay extra fees to hire an instructor even after paying the water flyboarding price. Even if you are a professional flyboarder, you may be accompanied by an instructor. So, as soon as you pay for the tickets for Dubai flyboards, you are automatically assigned the safety gear as part of the package.  


#5: Falling from the skyboard hurts


Falling happens to fly boarders who may be just starting out in the sport. If it is your first flyboard ride in Dubai water sports, you are likely to be held only up to 5 feet or 10 feet from the water's surface. Falling from this height does not hurt anyone. Falling is painful when you fly at heights more than 20 feet above the water. 


About D3 Watersports


If you are ready to book flyboarding in Dubai, you need not look further. At D3 Watersports we have made it easy for water sports rides booking in Dubai. You can book in advance via our website www.d3watersports.com. Our flyboard rental prices are nominal and once you book your tickets, you are automatically assigned an experienced and licensed instructor for your safety and the requisite accessories for the ride. You can also pick up your tickets for Dubai flyboards from the D3 Water Sports venue once you complete the booking. You can enjoy the best luxury marine and water sports activities with your family and friends while you are in Dubai.