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Things You Need to Know while doing Watersports in Dubai: Safety Tips


If you are planning to enjoy watersports in Dubai on your next vacation there, there are basic safety points that you should keep in mind. There are many reputed providers of watersports activities in Dubai.

When it comes to watersports, Dubai is the most favourite destination. The city’s watersports providers offer a wide range of activities that you can indulge in such as jet skiing, banana boat riding, water skiing, etc., just to name a few.

Essential safety gear to wear for watersports in Dubai

Luxury watersports in Dubai include jet skiing, water skiing, flyboarding,donut riding, banana boat riding, etc. Depending on the watersports activities that you are planning to indulge in, you will require different gear. However, any watersports activity requires basic safety gear such as a water helmet, a life jacket, water goggles, and water shoes.

Importance of life jackets

Dubai Marina watersports agencies provide you with adequate instructions on how to remain safe when indulging in watersports activities. Whether you are going out on a boat for just some fun or taking a jet ski ride, it is compulsory to use a life jacket. 

Life jackets when worn help to save lives by keeping you afloat if you accidentally fall into the waters. They also keep you warm and are designed to flip you over to face the sky instead of the water. However, ensure that you wear the right-sized life jacket, otherwise, it would not be of much use. Use the child’s jacket for children and likewise the adult’s version for an adult. 

Weather conditions and how they affect watersports

Some of the most important watersports safety tips are connected to daily weather. Thrilling watersports activities can come to a sudden stop if the weather turns bad. Before you embark on any watersports activity, check the daily weather forecast to know what you can expect during the day. If the forecast predicts a thunderstorm, it is best to postpone your water activities for another day. If you are on the waters and suddenly there are indications of a storm, you have to return to the shore immediately.

If the forecast is for a sunny day, ensure that you wear your sunscreen and goggles and hat. Wear sunscreen that does not disturb marine life. Ensure that you wear waterproof watches and carry waterproof cameras. Moreover, wear strapped footwear, goggles, and hats, lest you lose these to the winds. 

Never stand on the deck of the boat when there are strong winds. Always strictly follow all the instructions that are provided to you. 

Tips for avoiding common injuries during watersports

When you want to indulge in watersports activities in Dubai Marina, it is important to practise safety. Whether water skiing or jet skiing or banana boat riding, it is easy to get injured if you are not wary enough. 

Some of the safety tips include:

  • Know how to swim, or learn if you do not know this yet

  • Always take a buddy

  • Stay alert

  • Play in familiar waters

  • Stay within the limits, and do not venture out too far

  • Wear protective gear

Know your limits and take a break

Like any other sports, jet skiing, water skiing, flyboarding, and banana boat riding, all require practice. It is important to take it slow and increase the intensity steadily. Wear a life jacket before you get to the water. If you develop a muscle strain or have an injury, reduce the intensity immediately or even stop the activity so that your injury has time to heal. Make sure you warm up before starting any watersport. 

Importance of following safety guidelines and instructions

More than just getting to know the watersports safety tips and rules that your service providers will anyway teach you, it is more important that you keep them in mind and follow them always strictly, no matter which activity you take part in. For example, always wear a life jacket whether you are in the water or on the water. This rule has to be followed no matter what. Even the best athlete can develop fatigue and require a life jacket.

How to prepare for emergencies

Indulging in adventure watersports means the chance to get injured is higher. This could be a minor one or a medical emergency. Here are some of the actions to be taken in case of an emergency:


  • When a person falls overboard on who sees the accident should shout “Overboard” and a buoyant ring or life jacket should be thrown in the water to help the person

  • In case of hypothermia, the person’s body should be warmed up by wrapping in dry clothes and a blanket

  • Carry medication for seasickness; carry a first aid kit

  • The watersports providers should place someone on board who knows imparting CPR if someone requires it in an emergency

Importance of staying hydrated and taking breaks during long sessions

If you are indulging in water activities for a long time in the hot sun, there is a good chance that you will suffer from dehydration. Ensure that you carry enough water with you to stay hydrated when indulging in watersports activities.

Muscles can also become cramped when dehydrated. Ensure that you stretch yourself in between and it is a good idea to take a break in between for a few minutes. This can save you from severe muscle catches and cramps. Always increase your speed steadily and not too soon, whatever the activity.

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