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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Adventure Water Activities


Dubai is a vibrant city that provides its guests with astonishing things to do. Even in terms of its active nightlife, restaurants, tourist attractions, water sports, and other activities, it is the best. All year long, you can visit many man-made wonders in this place. If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, try to include some adventure water-based sports on your itinerary. Some of the most interesting luxury marine and water sports activities in Dubai include jet skiing, flyboarding, paddle boarding, kayaking, knee boarding, parasailing, and more. This blog serves as a comprehensive travel guide for you to discover thrilling adventure water activities in Dubai. 

Choosing Dubai Marina for watersports

Why do travelers love to do water sports in the Dubai Marina? This is because of the endless kilometers of coastline in Dubai that offer waters suitable for family and solo water activities. Marina is Dubai's best water sports destination, where you can get charged up by participating in fun and exciting activities. You can explore the sea, touch the waves, swim with dolphins, and what's more, even dive into deep water. Why not rent a banana boat and go for a ride with your family to enjoy the cool breeze? Whatever your decision, choose Dubai Marina and ride in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Types of water activities available

Water adventures in Dubai are never ending. From water theme parks to water sports, Dubai can provide you with many water-based activities that thrill you. As far as D3 Watersports is concerned, we offer our guests a huge list of watersports activities where they can find ultimate happiness. If you are an adventure seeker, you can go for water rides in Dubai such as jet skiing, sea bobs, kayaking, jet cars, fly boards, water skiing, etc. If you want an exciting group activity, you can try paddle boating, banana boat riding, donut boat riding, etc. You can even include inflatable slides and inflatable pools if you are on a yacht trip with kids.

Include a trip on a yacht

Whenever you think of doing water adventures in Dubai, why not include a yacht charter too? Many yacht rental companies, like D3 Yachts, also provide many water activities in Dubai. After an exciting ride, you can arrange a beautiful dinner cruise and get immersed in the gorgeous sightseeing of Dubai Marina. After all, your ultimate objective is to enjoy a vacation doing the best water sports in Dubai. A yacht trip with your family, friends, or colleagues can guarantee strength in relationships. You can either book a charter and then rent water sports in Dubai, or you can simply do some adventure water activities in Dubai without renting a yacht.

Water activities for adults

Who said only children could enjoy the fun of gaming? There are numerous good water parks in Dubai for adults as well. If you add a little bit of twist to the water games that a child plays, then it would become an exciting activity for adults. Jet skiing, sea bobs, kayaking, flyboarding, and water skiing are some of the more difficult water sports to try in Dubai for adults.These are some of the daring Dubai water activities for the adventurous and energetic. If you want to challenge yourself or your friends, you can give it a try.

Water activities for kids

Children, when accompanied by adults, can actually enjoy water sports in the Dubai Marina. Until you make them follow some important water activity tips and instructions, children find it difficult to have fun doing such activities. It is always better if they do water sports in Dubai under the supervision of adults. Even though not all activities are meant for them, in some activities like jet cars, paddle boats, banana boat rides, donut boat rides, inflatable slides, and swimming pools, they can be included. Adults must make sure that children under the age of 10 are kept out of watersports locations in Dubai. But they can be brought to safe water theme parks.

Instructions that you must follow

A ride in Dubai using water sports equipment is extremely fun. For any adventure sport that is considered, there will be instructions and guidelines that must be followed by the user. Before going for any of the watersports in Dubai, you must make sure that you have read and understand the following instructions. These are some common guidelines that should be followed. Your trainer or guide will be helping you by providing instructions on the site. What you need to do is just follow your guide. Read some instructions below before you start your ride. 

  • Know about the weather before your ride.

  • Watch out for off-shore winds.

  • Follow the rules in the region, i.e., Dubai Marina.

  • Do not drink alcohol and ride.

  • Even if you are a pro, use a life jacket.

  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

  • Always adhere to the instructor's instructions.

Things to carry

You can never go unprepared for Dubai water activities. For any trip, carrying certain essential things matters. For water rides in Dubai too, you have to make sure that all the essentials are carried and nothing is left out. Even if you are going alone, with friends, or with family, you must remember a list of items to bring before the trip. Go through the following list and check whether you have missed anything.

  • Sunscreen that is waterproof

  • Plastic-made bottle

  • Towel 

  • Swimming shorts and trunks

  • A sun hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Lightweight jacket that is windproof and waterproof

  • Swimwear

  • Watertight bag

  • Towel

  • A second set of casual attire 

If you are in constant search for some fun watersports in Dubai, you can contact us. Our staff is always ready to lend a helping hand to our guests who seek adventurous Dubai watersports.