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The Perfect Blend of Fun and Adventure with Family in Dubai – Marina


Dubai, once synonymous with the Arabian Desert, has in recent times managed to become a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world. Watersports in Dubai have gotten famous because of many reasons like the city’s vast coastline, the calm waters of the Arabian Sea that skirts the city and where you can enjoy the watersports, and the numerous facilities offering exciting watersports in Dubai. There are different types of watersports activities in Dubai Marina which means a fun-filled adventure for entire families and their friends. There are watersports activities in Dubai for seekers of adventure watersports in Dubai belonging to any age group and beginners and experts. The watersports prices in Dubai are competitive so holidaymakers can enjoy these activities during their Dubai trip.


Here we attempt to provide a list of exciting watersports activities in Dubai that you can enjoy on your next vacation to the emirate.


#1: Jet Ski Ride


A jet ski offers a combination of raw mechanical power together with the thrill of breaking sea waves. A jet ski ride is very popular among tourists. However, make sure that you choose a reliable watersports provider in Dubai that has an expert crew and follows all the international safety norms. It is a good idea to take a ride on the jet ski a few times as practice before going out alone. You can take a few practice rides before you go for an actual ride just to make sure everything goes well. Many popular watersports rental providers offer jet ski rides at reasonable prices in Dubai, and this is one you should try.


#2: Flyboarding


Flyboarding gives you a super adrenaline rush as you are propelled to a height while standing on a jetpack that is powered using a motor. You have to get some familiarity with the equipment and help from an expert instructor before you venture out by yourself. While on top of the jetpack, you can get some excellent views of the Dubai coastline. This is a popular one in the Dubai Marina watersports activities.


#3: Doughnut Ride


A doughnut ride is a very exciting water adventure in Dubai Marina that you and your family or friends group can take part in. This ride is one full of spins, twists, splashes, and turns, while you brace yourself in an inflatable doughnut-shaped tube that is pulled by a speedboat. You and the other riders can thoroughly enjoy the tumultuous ride. 

Ensure that you convey your most comfortable speed to the speedboat controller. 


#4: Banana Boat Ride


If you want a thrilling and enjoyable group watersports activity in Dubai, you can try the banana boat ride. As the name suggests, a group consisting of your family or friends get to sit on a banana-shaped inflatable boat while you are pulled along by a speedboat. All you have to do is hold on to a harness that is provided to keep you stable while you enjoy the banana boat ride. 


#5: Water skiing


If this is one of the watersports and activities that you do not want to miss out on in Dubai, go for a water ski ride. Watersports booking in Dubai Marina will allow you to book a water ski ride. This powerful machine zips along the surface of the water as you stand strapped on it while giving you a thrilling ride. The water ski is drawn onto the waters by a powerful speedboat. The speed is determined by the speedboat that tows that water ski along.


#6: Inflatable water slides


Waterslides can be considered among the best water activities in Dubai for the family especially when you are with your children. The charges for riding the water slide depend on different factors such as the time you want to spend on it, the type of slide and the size of the slide. Therefore, you must choose a water slide that fits your family’s requirements and also the budget that you have set apart for the water slide entertainment. 


About D3 Watersports


D3 Watersports is one of the most reliable and trustworthy watersports providers in Dubai Marina. At D3 Watersports, we have a team of certified instructors who follow all the safety norms related to international watersports. We provide you with expert assistance for every ride with the right instructions so that you can have fun without any worries.

We make available watersports booking in Dubai Marina. You can also book any ride that you want by going online. 


In the summer season and the tourist season, you must make your watersports rides booking in Dubai early enough to avoid any disappointment as there will be long queues in waiting. We have the best and safest watersports equipment and provide all these services at very affordable prices. For more information, log onto our website www.d3watersports.com.