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Find Out the Top 10 Thrill-Seeking Activities in Dubai


Everyone has their own reason for paying a visit to Dubai. For some, it may be just following a dream; for others, it can be exploring luxury. Whatever be your reason, you can experience all the water adventures in Dubai without fail once you decide to try out some top outdoor activities and sports in Dubai. You can go for some interesting yacht rentals in Dubai and make use of the watersports facilities these yacht companies provide. Here are some of the top 10 amazing thrill-seeking activities that you can do while you are in Dubai.

  1. Jet ski

Jet ski is one of the most energetic water sports in Dubai that you must try at least once in your lifetime. The speed of any Jet ski is such that even a beginner with good balance can ride it easily. But most of the Jet ski rental services in Dubai offer a trainer if you need a professional with you. Even if you do not require one, there will be instructors available for emergencies. D3 Watersports provides the best Jet ski rental in Dubai, where you can have an incredible experience. Before your ride, make sure that you are healthy. Note that Jet ski is not advisable for pregnant women or heart patients.

  1. Seabob 

This water scooter allows you to swim and dive just like a dolphin in the beautiful, crystal-clear waters of Dubai. Why not spend some time discovering the underwater world too? With this incredible, agile, and high-performance watercraft, you are able to explore marine species. This is one of the most popular water sports in Dubai Marina. A seabob activity can be incorporated with any Dubai Yachts rental service that provides the facility. D3 Watersports provides the best family-friendly and popular outdoor and sports activities in Dubai. Our trainers can guide you in manoeuvring the watercraft.

  1. Jet car

Just imagine a luxurious car ride on an ocean. Yes, this is possible with D3 watersports. This watersport in Dubai is becoming a favourite activity recently because it allows you to freely drift in the waters. Along with other thrilling water sports in Dubai, try to book a jet car activity to find out how exciting this is. D3 Watersports jet cars are safe to drive and give you an unforgettable experience. If you are seeking an outdoor adventure, try enjoying a luxury jet car drive exclusively arranged for you. And the outcome of this ride will be relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun.

  1. Paddle boat 

Paddle boating or pedal boating is an interesting water sport in Dubai. Just like in cycling, you can turn a paddle wheel, which is in fact an easy workout combined with fun. Try this amazing water ride in Dubai with your family and friends. Paddling a boat can even reduce your stress levels, making you feel better. This may seem like an ordinary activity, unlike other adventure sports in Dubai. But this classic activity is enjoyed by many, especially families with kids. So next time you think about water activities in Dubai, why not go for this one?

  1. Kayaking

In kayaking, you need a kayak, which is a narrow boat with a double-bladed paddle. This is one of the interesting adventure sports in Dubai. Once you find out how much fun this game gives you, you will be constantly longing for it. It's a recreational activity among Dubai’s other water activities that, if done with friends, can be competitive. Kayaking can be done during all seasons except winter. But as far as Dubai is concerned, the winter time does not affect kayaking as the water temperature, when compared to that of other countries, is better here. So when you are planning to do watersports and rentals in Dubai, include kayaking in your list.

  1. Fly Board

Flyboarding in Dubai is a fantastic activity that every adventure seeker must do. To fly high in the air is not everybody’s cup of tea. But you can ace it if you have the proper equipment, a professional trainer, and the guts to do the action. This unbelievable water sport done in Marina will ensure that you have a fun-filled experience throughout the ride. Dubai’s flyboard prices can vary according to the watersports providers. Flyboarding makes use of jet propulsion, and there will be straps to secure your feet. You must understand that a flyboard is always connected to a Jet ski in Dubai.

  1. Banana boat ride

A banana boat ride in Dubai is an extensive water sport that you could try with your friends or family. Unlike adventurous sports such as flyboarding, seabob, and Jet skiing, a banana ride in Dubai is a group activity where a larger number of people could be accommodated. This is also one of the most exciting activities in Dubai, and it is also the funniest. The banana-shaped boat itself makes you smile. Your banana boat will be linked to a speed boat that sprints across the sea. So get ready to be flung into the sea once your banana boat starts moving.

  1. Donut Boat Ride

Just like the banana boat ride in Dubai, the donut boat ride is also an object-shaped boat. The difference is that it is in the shape of a sweet snack called a donut or doughnut. This is also a group activity that could be done with your friends and family. You don't have to worry about the safety of your donut ride in Dubai, as there will be professionals to take care of you. The staff at D3 Watersports will give you guidance and instructions before your ride.

  1. Water ski

Water skiing is one of the interesting watersports in Dubai that adventurers ask for. People get excited when they get pulled across the water by a boat. Water skiing can be of different types, like barefoot skiing, wakeboarding, etc. Unlike a banana boat ride in Dubai, which is a group activity, water skiing is an individual activity (except for a professional performance team). This adventurous activity can be done even by beginners if they have proper guidance.

  1. Inflatable slides and pools

Most luxury yachts in Dubai that offer a Jet ski ride have their own inflatable toys for leisure and entertainment. So travellers who book a yacht for their celebrations can also demand such water toys as inflatable slides and pools. Some travellers who come with their families want safe toys for their children. These toys are not just meant for kids, but for adults too. Even if you are on a corporate yacht charter, you can ask for inflatable slides and a pool to have fun.

D3 Watersports is a prominent watersports provider with a list of water rides in Dubai. So whenever you come to this city, try out our most exciting rides. We offer the best Jet ski rides in Dubai. Check our website for other activities that we provide.