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Top 6 Adventure Water Sports One to Enjoy in Dubai


If you are a great fan of the top outdoors & sports in Dubai, this blog post is for you. Specifically, we are going to talk about water sports. Dubai is famous for many things: high-end upmarket shopping avenues, splendid nightlife with its line-up of restaurants/bars and cafes, and of course, its water sports facilities. Dubai is surely one of the best cities that you can visit all year round. 


Why adventure water sports in Dubai


Dubai has the cleanest beaches in the world and many of them offer water sports activities such as jet-skiing, paddle-boarding, fly-boarding, kayaking, parasailing, knee-boarding, and more. The emirate of Dubai sports a coastline of over 50 km that is both clean and pristine. Whether you just want to head out to the waters to beat the heat or you love the adventure sports in Dubai or just the adrenaline pump, Dubai water activities are perhaps the best answer. 


All of Dubai’s beaches are equipped with the most modern and latest paraphernalia related to water sports. Moreover, they have well-informed guides on the beach to assist you and look after your safety. Let us now look at some of the most popular family and popular Outdoors & sports in Dubai that you can enjoy.


#1: Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is perhaps one of the most thrilling but safest water sports you can enjoy. The kneeboard is a hydrodynamic board on which you kneel and slide on the water. Most often you are towed by a motorboat. This board can pick up speed when you slide on the water. Generally, the length of a kneeboard ride can be anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. 


#2: Pedal boating


This is one of the most comfortable family water rides in Dubai that you can indulge in. The boats are light and they are easy to pedal on the waters. These pedal boat rides can also help to give you a light body workout. You can manage to pedal these boats without any advanced skills. This is why it is so popular with the holiday crowd.


#3: Flyboarding


Flyboarding in Dubai is a popular sport among adrenaline junkies. This is the closest you can get to freely flying above the waters. You can enjoy elevated views of the waters as well as the land closest to the beach.


The water-propelled flyboard will float on the waters when you are down and can shoot you up to nine metres in the air with the help of a 20-m hose connected to the watercraft. The craft pumps the water powerfully to two jets that will help to keep you airborne. This is the perfect way to experience outdoor adventure activities in Dubai.


#4: Jet-skiing


Taking a jet ski rental in Dubai is well worth the money and the time you spend on it. If you are inexperienced, the jet-ski session is handled by an experienced instructor. The jet ski rental service in Dubai offers rides of duration 30 minutes to 2 hours. Many agencies offer these water sports in Dubai Marina.


This is a high-speed watersport that helps to improve your coordination and balancing skills. The jet ski that you ride is also called a water scooter. The rider sits or stands on the jet ski. Jet ski Dubai rides offer you a thrilling time as you tame the waves.


#5: Kayaking


A kayak water tour is one that you do solo or ride with a partner. It is an enriching experience for the rider as well as a lot of fun. 

This is a safe activity that you can do on Dubai beaches and is a popular watersport in Dubai. In addition to allowing you to see the Dubai skyline in a different light, it also gives you a chance to observe the fauna under the water. Kayaking is among the safest water adventures in Dubai.


#6: Catamaran Ride


Yachts or catamarans always throw a picture of adventure and grandeur at the same time. If you are planning to contact a yachts rental in Dubai, ensure that you hop into one of those big yachts and spend some time on the seas. They leave you with memories that you can cherish all through your life. Dubai yachts rental agencies organise catamaran tours that take you to the best spots on the Dubai coastline. 


About D3 Watersports, Dubai


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