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Water ski

Water skiing is thrilling, and D3 water sports rentals have everything you need to enjoy the fun at the water skiing marina in Dubai. With years of expertise and experience, our team at D3 Watersports has helped thousands of visitors in Dubai enjoy the thrill of water skiing. Water skiing uses equipment like a ski board, towline, and tow boards, which makes your ride. The water skis used at D3 water sports are chosen carefully and built for recreational purposes to ensure that the ride is safe and fun.

When it comes to water skiing, there are many options for you to choose from. If you are a beginner, you might not know much about it and what to choose, but our team will help you in every aspect. Get ready to splash and ride the waves on a water ski along the Dubai coastline with our special water ski packages.

Water ski rental packages

Water skiing is one of the most sought-after adventure water sports, and any amount of time spent on water skiing makes it worth the price. But we offer different waterski ride packages for you to choose from.

In 30 minutes, get a glimpse of the amazing shoreline of Dubai Marina while splashing through the waves on a water ski. This is perfect if you want a small shot of adventure and gives you plenty of time to explore other options.

Want to water ski at amazing speed through Dubai's coastlines for an hour at the best price in Dubai? Then this 60-minute water ski rental package from D3 Watersports is the best one for you. Enjoy the thrill and rush of waves splashing for a whole hour.

If you want to have a bit more fun out on the waves, rent our 90-minute water ski package and ride through the waves pulled by the speed boats. Our experts will help you enjoy the fun and thrill while keeping you safe as you water ski along the Dubai coastline.

D3 Watersports offers 2-hour water ski packages for the water ski enthusiasts in you. If you are someone who wants to explore Dubai with all the fun and thrill of water skiing, book our two-hour water ski package and get yourself ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Why choose water skis in Dubai

  • Dubai has it all; dazzling spectacles, islands, beautiful coastlines, and stretches of the blue sea, which makes it a perfect destination for people who seek to enjoy water sports like water skiing.
  • The perfect water ski route that allows you to enjoy and view the coastline makes water skiing in Dubai an unforgettable experience for everyone who tries it out.