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Inflatable water pool

If you are in Dubai and looking forward to spending a fun and enjoyable afternoon with your family, water pools are the way to go. If you want your kids to enjoy their vacation and you want a break from all the adventure water rides, hiring inflatable water pools is a great option. Who doesn't love to play in water? Inflatable water pools are a great way to let your children play as much as they like while keeping them safe all the time.

The inflatable tank pool floats that come with them can help you plan a day of fun for your family and kids.

Inflatable water pool rental packages

We have carefully crafted packages for inflatable pools which you can enjoy based on the time you have. Try it out and fit it into your water sports schedule for the day.

If you want to relax a bit with your kids for a short time, get our 30-minute inflatable water pool rental and enjoy every minute of it. This is perfect if you want a break from adventure.

An hour of fun and joy in the pool with your kids can help you relax and enjoy it. At D3 Watersports, you get exactly that, lots of fun in the water pools. If you want to relax a bit more, the one-hour package is perfect for you.

Play games with your kids and plan a one-and-a-half-hour fun session for your kids to make the most of your day out in Dubai. This package gives you plenty of time to enjoy the pool activities and swimming pool floats for adults and kids.

If you are someone who never gets tired of swimming and playing Marco Polo, then this two-hour inflatable water pool package is just right for you. Enjoy the games, relax a bit, and have as much fun as you want with the two-hour inflatable water pool hire

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Things To Do with Inflatable water pool Dubai

  • How do you give your kids a fun day and spend quality time with them? Inflatable water pools are an easy answer. Want to plan a day of water adventure for your kids with an inflatable water pool rental at D3 Watersports? We have a list of things that you can try out.
  • We have many sets of swimming pool floats for adults and kids. They are fun and let you chill. Teach your kids to paddle or plan games using these amazing inflatable pool floats.
  • Inflatable water slides for pools at D3 Watersports can help you add fun to your pool day. Slide, swim, and splash joy in the pool and fill your day with fun
  • Plan a water game day for your kids. From the classic Marco Polo to swimming races, you can choose any list of pool games to play and make it fun.
  • Relaxing and spending time with family may be the best way to enjoy an inflatable water pool.